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[Christmas 2020] Spread the festive cheer with gifts for Him, Her or Them!

[Christmas 2020] Spread the festive cheer with gifts for Him, Her or Them!

Shopping for a present for him, her or just for yourself this Christmas?

Spread the christmas cheer with our packaged recommendations that make great gifts for loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Here are some of our top picks.

1. For the Avid DIYer

milwaukee power tools milwaukee

Whether starting on a new DIY woodworking project or a new installation on the concrete wall, MILWAUKEE Percussion Drill Set is perfect.
The set comes in a durable hard case, with an additional impact driver for fastening and also a measuring tape set (5m and 2m + Marker Ink).

heytec bit box set 33pc singapore

Accompany with the HEYTEC 33 piece Bit Box Set to have all the bits required for any kind of work in the house involving screws.

digipas 80e digi-pas

For installing of shelves or ensuring perfect alignment of that picture frame, consider the DIGI-PAS Pocket-Sized Digital Level DWL-80e for easy reference to align bookshelves accurately and easily.


2. For the Vehicle Enthusiast

Have someone who cant do without Cycling, riding, driving or sailing? Gift them with a care kit for their vehicles.

For Bicycles: AUTOSOL Bicycle Care Set

Bicycle Care set autosol

For Motorcycles: AUTOSOL Motorbike Cleaning Set


motorbike cleaning set autosol
For Cars: AUTOSOL Headlight Polish & Protection Kit



headlight polish restoration autosol


For Boats: AUTOSOL Marine Metal Polish

marine metal polish autosol

3. For the Electrical Enthusiast

Have a friend or loved one who loves to tinker with computers and electrical parts? Consider the VOGEL Multimeter which comes in a nice pouch with probes and operation manuals.

multimeter vogel

The HEYTEC Precision Screwdriver Set which comes complete with the smallest screw heads (like PH 000) in a neat 16pc tool wallet.

heytec precision screwdriver set

Do remember to spray with a bit of WD40 Specialist Contact Cleaner to keep those circuit boards cleaned and those Christmas lights shining.

wd40 contact cleaner


Have a very merry Christmas and do feel free to share our post!

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