Bit Box Set for Power Tools 33pc

HEYTEC (Germany)

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Heytec Bit Box Set has all the tool bits for impact drivers and drill drivers and comes with a magnetic tool adapter. Variety of bits makes for hassle free fasten and loosening of all types of nuts, bolts and screw connections

This 33 piece set is popularly used together with power tools for home improvement projects like setting up furniture and lighting. Rated best value for money by German Praxis magazine.


  • One box with all commonly used bits for work around the house
  • Individual slotted inlays allows you to quickly check for missing bits
  • Hands-free operation of power tool as box can be attached to pouches or belts.


Dimensions: 105 x 85 x 45mm
Weight: 295g

For drilling and screwing powertoools.
Chrome-Vanadium, sand blasted, with adapter for 1/4" tool-holder, with belt clip.

Flat Head 3/4/5/5.5/6MM
PH1/PH2 (2x)/PH3
PZ1/PZ2 (2x)/PZ3
Hex 2/2.5/3/4/5/6MM
1/4" Tool Holder