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[Deepavali 2020] 4 Products to make your house more welcoming during the Festival of Lights

[Deepavali 2020] 4 Products to make your house more welcoming during the Festival of Lights

Deepavali is around the corner and it is a good time to celebrate with friends and family. It is also a time to keep your house bright, new and welcoming for guests and family members alike while spending minimal effort on restoring the beautiful ornaments and decorations at home.

Here are 4 products that can help restore the festive shine this November.

  1. Gold & Silver Polish (75ml)
  2. Metal Polish Liquid (250ml)
  3. Cutlery Rust Remover (250ml)
  4. Marble & Granite Polish (500ml)
Deepavali Diwali 2020 Autosol

Gold & Silver Polish (75ml)

Gold, silver and precious metals are essentials during the celebrations. Your old jewelry and ornamental pieces containing precious metal can be restored to their original form, without scratching its surface due to polishing.

Deepavali Gold

Metal Polish Liquid (250ml)

Statues and altars made of brass, copper and steel can be once again restored easily with Autosol Metal Polish Liquid, bringing back their brilliant shine. Liquid form to ensure you can cover large surfaces easily. Surface rust can also be removed in a single step.

Diwali Lamp Festival of lights

Cutlery Rust Remover (250ml)

Cutlery Rust Remover helps to remove any tough surface rust without destroying the ornament's original material below. The citric acid makes cleaning safe around food and is perfect for service utensils and kitchenware that have been heavily tarnished from not being used for a while.

Diwali Cutlery Shine

Marble & Granite Polish (500ml)

Like the look of cleaned and waxed natural stone? Marble & Granite Polish restores the shine of walls, floors, kitchen tops and other elements of the house.

Kitchen Diwali

We hope these products save you time and effort, wow your guests and let you have a beautiful festival of lights! Stay safe and do feel free to share this post with your friends and family.


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