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WD40 (USA)

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WD 40 Contact Cleaner is the must have in your home or workshop when your electrical contact points are not working properly.

  • Cleans Sensitive Electronics by removing dirt, oil, flux residue and moisture
  • Rapidly Penetrates finest electrical points, ensuring all contact surfaces are clean
  • Quick drying, non conductive formulation prevents any residue that can cause a short circuit when turned on.
  • Works on high voltage electrical contacts with dielectric strength up to 35,000V
Rapidly penetrating fluid that creeps into hard to reach areas. Can be used for any electrical contacts with up to dielectric strength of 35,000 volts.


WD 40 Contact Cleaner is suitable for

  • Contact Cleaner for pc, laptops and keyboards
  • Circuit Boards
  • Precision Instruments
  • Controls
  • Switches
  • Tape Heads
  • Electrical Assemblies

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