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[Product Feature] 5 Bicycle Care Products from Autosol [2020]

[Product Feature] 5 Bicycle Care Products from Autosol [2020]

AUTOSOL has launched 5 bicycle care products to keep bicycles looking and riding like they were new, even after going through the harshest conditions. The products are extensively tested and specially developed to cater for all kinds of bicycles and different kinds of materials.

Below are the products as listed:

  1. Waterless Bicycle Cleaner (500ml)
  2. Power Cleaner (500ml)
  3. Grease for Bicycle Chains (50ml)
  4. Spray Wax (250ml)
  5. Long Term Sealant (150ml)

Waterless Bicycle Cleaner (500ml)

The Waterless Bicycle Cleaner is your simple solution for a quick everyday clean.
It can be used on all types of paintwork and frames. As the name suggests, it does not require water.

Power Cleaner (500ml)

Area of use: Frame body and parts

The Power Cleaner is used for heavier oils and stains on the bicycle.
When sprayed, Power Cleaner is gel like and can stick to the surface of the bike.

When used on a bicycle frame, leave for a minute or 2 before rinsing down and cleaning frame with a sponge or cloth. If you have tough stains, the power cleaner should be the choice for you.

Power Cleaner is not meant to de-grease lubricants from the chains but to keep them lubricated, even after a rinse.

Grease for Bicycle Chains (50ml)

Grease for Bicycle Chains is a thicker wet lubricant that has Molybeledium properties keeping your chains having a smooth transition with the gears, prevent corrosion, and also maintain a hassle free ride over long distances. Its synthetic properties and thicker formulation allow a long lasting protection and good adherence to the chain, preventing dirt and mud from affecting the riding experience.

Spray Wax (250ml)

This specially formulated wax ensure that your bicycle frame retains its lasting shine and also extends the life of the protective coating. It also creates a water repellent coating which is formed 1-2 hours after application.

Polished surfaces will shine while matt surfaces will have a smooth finish, keeping your preference in mind. Simply spray on cloth or directly on frame, swipe over and you are done.

Not to be used with tyres.

Long Term Sealant (150ml)

Heavy riding may cause stains on the frames that are hard to remove, and make it increasingly difficult to retain your bicycles' original appearance. With the Long Term Sealant, cleaned bicycles that are on display or kept in storage for long periods are able to retain their appearance, ready for the next ride.

All products listed above are available in a number of retail outlets and bicycle shops. Do contact us for more information.

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