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Milwaukee Impact & Fastening Tools

Milwaukee Impact & Fastening Tools

Milwaukee impact wrenches come in all sizes and speeds. They are known to have one of the best impact wrenches in the market. This guide aims to provide you a short understanding of how these impact wrenches are grouped - so you will have the right tool for the right job.

Best of all Milwaukee Tools are cordless, no more tripping on long cable cords and lugging heavy equipment.

 Choosing the Right Tool Milwaukee


Choosing a Socket For your tool

Socket Size depends on your application. Most times the size of the nut will determine what sockets you can use. For general applications 1/2" square drives are enough. You can always use an adapter to resize as required.

Impact sockets are a must for impact tools. The reason is that they allow for large torque forces to be applied evenly to the nut. Using a normal socket is possible for lower torque applications, but my not grip the nut properly causing damage to the tool and to the nut.

Impact sockets can often be identified by their rugged black finish.

These are the range of impact wrenches available with Milwaukee (Article numbers based on Milwaukee Asia).

1/2" Square Drive

3/4" Square Drive

  • M18ONEFHIWF34 - 18V : 708 / 1138 / 1627Nm
    * Also has nut busting special function up to 2032Nm

1" Square Drive


What is Drive Control by Milwaukee?

Most Milwaukee power tools come with a fourth gear - this allows you to have more control in your fastening of bolts. There is a sensor that detects that the nut has been sufficiently torqued. Within one second, the tool will cut power to the drive train and stop operation. This prevents over tightening of the nut.

Can Impact Tools give exact Torque?

Impact tools cannot give you precise torquing. After fastening with a tool, it is advised to use a manual torque wrench to do the final tightening.

Maximum Torque

Milwaukee tools often have Gear 3 as the maximum torque mode. This is the mode you can choose for breaking open seized nuts.

Fastening Nuts under a pipe with Milwaukee


Recommended Pairings

Please note the recommendations and values in this article are based off the Milwaukee official technical sheets at the time of publishing. These serve as a guide for your selection and the final decision to purchase a tool for an intended application remains with the buyer.

Light applications

Something light is good. We recommend the M12FIWF12.



A few sets M18BIW12 for general nut removals
Add  M18MTIW12 for medium torque applications (430-610), M18ONEFHIWF34 for (710 - 1627Nm) Nut busting up to 2032Nm



Budget for only one tool for a variety of ranges?
We recommend M18FHIW12 :130 / 400 / 1356Nm

Workshop applications may require variable speed torquing.

M18FIW12 40-300Nm,  M18MTIW12 430-610Nm, M18ONEFHIWF34 710 - 1627Nm, Nut busting up to 2032Nm.



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