Bicycle Power Cleaner

AUTOSOL (Germany)

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Autosol Bicycle Power Cleaner removes tough dirt, mud and road grime from mountain bicycles, racing bicycles, trekking bicycles and e-bikes. Its gel-like formula allows cleaner to stick and act on dirt and grime. Dirt and oil is easily removed from the bicycle frame.

Also effective to remove isotonic drink stains (energy drink stains from 100 Plus for example) from frames.

Tested to work on all paint surfaces and materials without damage.

Get an effective washdown

  • Removes mud quickly fast-acting formula for¬†soiling
  • Dissolves dirt and grime¬†by lifting it off the surface
  • Stays on surface¬†due to gel-like formula
  • Quick finish Rinse off after 1 to 2 minutes.

power cleaner before and after

Made in Germany.

Microplastic free and has no Aerosol content.


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