Magnet Field Detector (Non-contact)

VOGEL (Germany)

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Vogel Magnet Field Detector (Non-contact)

  • with LED lamp, non contact
  • easy and quick contact-free detection of magnetic-fields
  • all permanent and synthetic magnetic fields are indicated
  • by the tip lighting up
  • the built-in magnet-field sensor allows a reliable check
  • proper function of hydraulic
  • and pneumatic valves, relays and contactors
  • rugged ABS-plastic housing, with clip
  • safe and contactless testing, works at a distance of 4 mm
  • optical red LED display, with built-in permanent magnet for a quick self test
  • incl. 2x 1.5 V battery (type AAA, art.-no.: 90002),
  • with operation manual