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Why are Milwaukee Batteries Better? [2021]

Why are Milwaukee Batteries Better? [2021]

Cordless Power Tools rely on their batteries to deliver jobsite performance.

Milwaukee REDLITHIUM Batteries power everything: from drills, impact wrenches, grinders, lights and even compressors. Today, we take apart the heart of the Milwaukee tool system to find out what makes these batteries so special. 


Why does the Battery Matter?

When you are using a cordless device, your source of power and torque on the jobsite rests solely on the battery. Trade users on remote job sites understand how important it is to keep spare (and working batteries) to power their tools. A good battery works you through the day - a bad battery causes you to lose a whole day.

Think of it as the engine that powers a great sports car. You can have the most horsepower, the best drivetrain, but with a badly tuned engine, you may just run out of gas before you reach your destination.

REDLITHIUM batteries are designed to maximize the lifetime of Milwaukee tools. They manage and store the charge in well made lithium cells to keep your tools functioning all day.

Milwaukee M18 Battery Inside


What is Red Link Intelligence?


Redlink Intelligence is an innovation by Milwaukee. It is the chip that determines the right power that should be given to power your tools.

REDLINK chips are specially designed to :

  1. Protect the motor from excess power which causes overheating
  2. Deliver more efficient output which allows less charging
  3. Provide better fail-safes between batteries, tool and charger

This gives your tool a longer life and better output. This gives you a better work experience and more value for your money.

What does the battery look like inside?

Inside M18 battery Milwaukee

Picture Source: Mechanical Hub Media

Heres the inside of a Milwaukee M18 XC5.0 Battery.

Milwaukee batteries are known to be more sturdy than the competition. This is not only because the outer casing contains more protective material from drops and external conditions: Milwaukee tools also have larger Lithium cells and more features. While all tools have different warranties in different regions, you usually find the best warranty and after-sales service from Milwaukee.


What is the most important part of the battery?

Parts of the battery - REDLINK chips, lithium ion cells and battery housings play a very big part in making a good battery.

We feel at President Trading, that the most important part of the battery is the research put into it. Milwaukee is the leader in cordless power tools for the tradesman.

Here's a peek inside the size of the Milwaukee battery pack over the years.

Batteries 2012 to 2019

Source: ToolguyD

More demanding jobsite operations require more powerful tools and newer and quieter motors. We are sure you can trust Milwaukee to make new and better tools and innovate batteries to let you get the best out of those tools.


Have a Milwaukee Tool question? Drop us a line today.

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