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Vogel Germany - Your Partner for Measuring Solutions [Brand Feature]

Vogel Germany - Your Partner for Measuring Solutions [Brand Feature]

vogel germany measuring tools

Vogel Germany is a one-stop manufacturer for measuring solutions and material testing. President Trading recommends Vogel as your top choice for these reasons:

Extensive Product Range of Measuring Solutions

Vogel Measuring Tools

With an offering of more than 4500 products, you can be sure to find solutions for your measurements and tests with Vogel.

Vogel's range is spread over 8 categories:

  1. Rulers
  2. Calipers
  3. Micrometers
  4. Dial gauges and Stands
  5. Scribing devices
  6. Testing Gauges
  7. Electronic measuring equipment
  8. Miscelleneous supporting devices

Custom-made products are also available on request.

We understand the urgency of having what you need at your fingertips, especially for critical applications. As such, a large portion of Vogel Germany's stock is available in Singapore to cater to the broadest measuring requirements. We are also able to promise faster lead times through with our constant shipments from Germany.

Get a quote from us today.

Production & Support

Production Vogel Germany measuring tools

A large production floor, machines and experienced staff ensure the highest levels of quality controls are met.

measuring tools demonstration


President Trading is available for site visits in Singapore. Remote product demonstrations for all products can also be arranged by us with Germany.

micrometer repair
vernier repair


President Trading  can also service calibration requests conforming to ISO and government standards.

Contact us to arrange a meetup.

Easy to Navigate Digital Catalog

Vogel Germany measuring tools catalog

Vogel takes the pain out of your search by providing a user friendly catalog with detailed specifications and budgetary requirements.

Pages can also be clipped, emailed and downloaded quickly.

Simply snip & send your requirements to us.

As always if you are interested to purchase directly, do browse our shop or contact us.


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