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No more Dry Leaves! Introducing the Milwaukee M18 Blower

No more Dry Leaves! Introducing the Milwaukee M18 Blower


The Milwaukee M18 Blower is a high performance tool.

It allows you to clear leaves, up to three meters away from the blower head and is up to 1.5 kg lighter than the competitors.

It comes with two modes. Slow, indicated by the tortoise, and Fast, indicated by the hare. It also comes with a variable trigger as well as a locking function that allows you to keep the blower locked when it is in operation.

The runtime of the blower for continuous use is approximately 25 minutes. This means you have time to clear more than 2500 square feet of garden space with wet leaves.


The tool comes with an ergonomic design with a rubber handle to allow for easy grip. For use with the Milwaukee blower, we recommend using high output batteries. This allows you to maximize the performance and runtime of your blower - especially in continuous use.

The tool is well-balanced and allows less fatigue during work. By using batteries, the Milwaukee blower is much quieter and starts faster than its gas powered alternatives. Also, there is no need to carry petrol or gas around, and that means that it is also safer to operate.


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