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Flange Securing is a breeze with Milwaukee M18 1/2" Compact Impact Wrench

Flange Securing is a breeze with Milwaukee M18 1/2" Compact Impact Wrench


This is the Milwaukee M18 1/2" Compact Impact Wrench.

The set comes with an impact wrench with two 5Ah batteries that are 18V from Milwaukee. It also comes with a rapid charger that is able to charge both 18V as well as its 12V batteries from the Milwaukee system. The impact wrench weighs 1.82kg and it’s only 127mm to allow you to work in tight spaces. This is easily one of the smallest impact wrenches that pack the most punch.

There are also three LED lights that allow you to illuminate dark spaces and the area you are working on. 

The 1/2” square drive with a friction ring on the anvil to allows you quick interchangeability of sockets. Our customers usually use this on Size 15,17,19 mm nuts with the potential to go larger. There are four modes for the Milwaukee Impact wrench. The first mode is up to 102 Nm of torque. If you are securing flanges on your work pieces, this is usually more than enough power for your work.


The second mode up to 203 Nm of torque and the third mode up to 339 Nm of torque. We love the Milwaukee set of tools because they are well made and have been heavily tested in the field. At 339 Nm of torque, most seized up flange bolts can be opened for pipe sizes up to 15mm in diameter. 


What is the fourth mode for?

There is also a fourth mode that allows you to set and balance equipment before further tightening when the tool is in operation. 

It also can be used to remove tough bolts from mechanical pieces as well as tighten bolts in compact areas.

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