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Advantages of Digital Levels and Inclinometers [2021]

Advantages of Digital Levels and Inclinometers [2021]

Digital Levels have great advantages over the traditional spirit levels. Find out more how they can help save you time and increase your quality of work significantly.

What is a traditional spirit level?

Traditional spirit levels are analog. Most spirit levels have 2 bubbles for vertical or horizontal gauging. For better indicated leveling, there are some spirit levels with a 45 degree measuring angle.


Spirit level
spirit level
All traditional spirit levels require a visual inspection and are more suitable for rough estimations. Highly accurate traditional bubble levels also have graduations on their vials to indicate the level of offset but rely very much on the skill and diligence of the engineer.

What are the advantages of using digital levels or digital inclinometers?

Digital levels give discrete data and take the guesswork out of traditional levels.

Testing of Perpendicularity, Flatness and Alignment
Discrete data is easily reflected on the digital level, on software or on a mobile app.  This is especially useful during alignment checks for flatness, for example, to check that the the work table is perpendicular to a machining device.

In a CNC machine, the drill, lathe and other precison tooling machines work at a very fast speed and over a large area.

If the cutting machine is not perpendicular to the table holding the work piece, poor quality will be produced resulting in production problems. If the worktable is not flat, some machined products may have defects.

With a highly accurate level, you can ensure that your work table is perpendicular and that necessary adjustments can be made if the work table is misaligned.

Some common areas where discrete accuracy is very important is during rail alignment, large format printing, vision measurement equipment and wafer fabrication

DWL 9000

Units of measurement
Units of measurement such as degree, % slope, mm/M, in/ft and other useful measurements can be packed and converted at the press of a button

Bluetooth connectivity
Connectivity for working with bluetooth can save you time and effort when checking alignment as no visual inspection to the level is needed. This is perfectly suitable when you need to work alone and the level is placed somewhere out of sight (for example during machine assembly where you will be doing fine adjustments).

digipas bluetooth connectivity

Real-time monitoring
In some industrial applications, digital levels are used in conjunction with Mobile Apps as well as Professional software to do real time data logging and also create service reports for devices. Historical data can be logged for data manipulation in future. Vibration signatures, which can affect machines in the future, are also able to be logged.

vibrometer software

dual axis measuring real time digipas



Are 3 axis (X, Y and Z axis) Digital levels available?

Yes 3 axis digital levels are available with manufacturers that are specialised in digital precision inclinometers. For example, Digi-pas provides a precision inclinometer with a topography function is DWL 8500XY and DWL 9000XY. This allows users to have a 3D layout of their workpiece. These ultra precision items help to give a complete visualization of your measured plane.

 3D Profiling Digipas DWL 8500 DWL 9000


For more information on what is appropriate for your requirements, please feel free to contact us!



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