Workshop Caliper with Exchangeable Jaws

VOGEL (Germany)

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Parallaxfree finished, with flat vernier and exchangeable jaws (refer below)
Modern design, lightweight model, made of anodized hard aluminium
Exchangeable Jaws sold seperately.

DIN 862

Technical Information

Measuring range: 300 mm / 12 inch
Resolution: 0.05 mm / 1/128 inch
Caliper jaw length: 90 mm
Caliper jaws (knife shape): 40 mm
Measuring internal dimension: Ø 10 mm

  • Stainless, hardened measuring jaws and tips
  • Jaws finely ground
  • Good contrast scaling because of white on black surface
  • Reading in mm and inch
  • Slides perfectly because of double-prismatic-lead
  • Rail and housing made of anodized aluminium
  • With operation manual


art. no. 20 0892: measuring jaw-pair, jaw length 150 mm, exchangeable

Made in Germany

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