Vogel germany workshop caliper

Workshop Caliper (400mm up)

VOGEL (Germany)

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Large vernier calipers with longer jaws and thumbrolls for finer adjustments. Excellent for long length measuring with high accuracy.

Contact us for more information: Long Jaw lengths from 100-150mm are available on stock. Longer jaw lengths and custom made calipers are also available.


Product ID Length
Jaw Length Resolution
203804 400mm 100mm 0.05mm
203805 500mm 150mm 0.05mm
200506 600mm 150mm 0.05mm
200508 800mm 150mm 0.05mm



Fine adjustment: yes
Measuring range: 400 mm - 800mm
Resolution: 0.05 mm / 1/128 mm
Caliper jaw length: 100 mm/150mm
Caliper jaws (knife shape): -
Measuring internal dimension: Ø 20 mm


Please click here for workshop calipers below 400mm length.

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