Wear Resistant Coatings (Repacoat PH)

DIAMANT (Germany)

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DIAMANT Repacoat PH comes in liquid and putty 2-component polymer material with highly wear resistance, solid ceramic balls and special fillers.

RepaCoat PH is distinguished by a good process and high stiffness. The durable coating material has proven itself above all wherever extremely high resistance to impacting solid particles in liquid media, gases and bulk materials is required.

  • Adheres to all Metal Surfaces and protects underlying material
  • Protects against abrasive wear, corrosion and cavitation damage
    with impact resistant ceramic balls of various granule sizes
  • Extremely Wear resistant and Durable thanks to highly cross-linking polymers
  • Available in a liquid or paste form for versatility in application
  • Temperature Resistant up to 150 °C
  • Build up of up to 2 cm gives long lasting abrasion resistance before next turnaround

Comes in 1kg Packing