Waterproof Tool Backpack

HEYTEC (Germany)

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HEYTEC Waterproof Backpack is perfect for working on the go and at heights. The backpack also has water protective features to prevent the components inside from being soaked or drenched due to external environmental influences at the job site or in the workshop.


  • Robust carrying handle with additional stitching to support weight of tools
  • Additional wetness protection cover allows backpack to resist spray water and rain
  • Gummed Non-Slip Bottom Slab keeps bag upright and prevents bag from being soaked in water logged areas
  • Safety reflectors provide extra visibility
  • Robust Suspension Hooks to hold items outside the backpack
  • Ergonomically Cushioned Back and Upholstered Shoulder Belts for long term comfort
  • Upholstered Shoulder Belts with cell phone pocket for ease of access and additional comfort when carrying heavy loads
  • Outside mesh pockets at the front and on one side for storage of water bottles containers
  • Side pocket with Zip and business card holder for storage of small components like sockets and work lights and quick access to items
  • Elastic holding straps to hold bulkier items like levels and crowbars that may not fit in the backpack
  • Separate tool bag for convenient removal and to have all tools in one place
  • multiple storage- and locking-compartments to keep sensitive and expensive items
  • Interior compartments for writing pads/laptop/tablet PC gives users an all-in-one solution for work at the job site


Dimensions:  460 x 350 x 180 mm
Weight: 2.5kg