Waterproof Sealing Spray

Waterproof Sealing Spray

Gorilla (USA)

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Gorilla Waterproof Sealing Spray works well to make quick and easy stops to leaks and cracks. It is rubberized, is flexible and also self leveling. Upon drying, the spray effectively stops moisture, air and water from penetrating the sprayed surface.

Common applications for such items include used for sealing window frames, roofs, gutters, electrical box sealing, DIY Projects etc.

The formulation also adheres to most common materials such as metals, most plastics and some rubbers. 

Comes in White, Black and Clear Colours.


Temperature Resistance after hardening – -40°F to 160°F
Indoor/Outdoor – Yes
UV/Sunlight Resistance – Yes
Paintable – Yes
Cured Colors available – Black/White/Clear
Solvent Resistance – No


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