Waterproof Digital Level DWL 680Pro

Digipas (USA)

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Digipas DWL 680Pro is a waterproof and dust proof digital level with wide operating temperature allows for work in many harsh terrains such on marine and offshore vessels and cold weather.

  • Bright OLED display enables work in darker environments such as tunnels, bridges and ship building. Due to the long length, uneven surfaces can be offset and measured accurately. The protective rubber end caps withstand shock and impact. The microchip in the digital level gives a speedily and precise display of any measured angle.
  • Audible beeping sound helps to indicate levelling at 0° & 90°.
  • Extended battery life using 4 x AAA batteries.


    • Measuring range from 0° ~ 90°; 4 x 90° (360°)
    • Resolution of 0.05° (1.00mm/M)
    • Accuracy of ± 0.05° at around 0° & 90° ; ± 0.2° at 1°~89°
    • Digital display of angle in °(Degree), %(slope) mm/M, In/Ft
    • IP65 certified - Water & dust proof
    • Organic LED - OLED display technology
    • Wide operating temperature range-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
    • 5 Minutes auto off

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