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Dial Gauge Stand with Magnetic Base

VOGEL (Germany)

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Vogel Universal Magnetic Measuring Stands are used for attaching dial indicators of various throat sizes and configurations. The magnetic base gives good stability when doing precise measurements and also for hard to reach areas.


  • Strong ON/OFF Magnet gives operational stability up to 600N
  • Chromed Stem and Lacquered Magnetic Block prevents corrosion
  • Prismatic Base and Ground Face ensures that the block rests flat on surface
  • Switchable Hole Size for dial indicators with 4mm and 8mm throat sizes
  • Clamp for Clipping Smaller Gauges 

Technical Information

  • Chromed stem, with fine adjustment, lacquered magnetic block
  • Clamping connection by cross head
  • Sturdy magnetic block, On/Off-switch
  • Prismatic base and with flat ground face
  • Dial indicator shank ø 4 mm and ø 8 mm


    Total height: 235 mm
    Colum Ø x lenght: Ø 12 mm x 175 mm
    Throat: 140 mm
    Thread: M 8 mm
    Magnetic block: 65 mm x 50 mm x 55 mm
    Measuring force: 600 N


    Total height: 280 mm
    Colum Ø x lenght: Ø 16 mm x 220 mm
    Throat: 200 mm
    Thread: M 10 mm
    Magnetic block: 65 mm x 50 mm x 55 mm
    Measuring force: 600 N

    Other sizes available on request. Contact us for more details.