Underwater Putty (Devcon UW)


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DEVCON Underwater Putty UW is a metal filled epoxy putty used for wet surface and underwater repairs.

Devcon UW is specially formulated to allow the curing strength and integrity to be unaffected by strong forces such as sea currents . Can used on steel, cast iron, concrete and aluminium. Lasting repairs on damaged hull linings, metal tanks, port support beams. Resistant to seawater and can withstand high pressure.

  • Sticks very well to metal surfaces to withstand underwater currents
  • Hardens Underwater allowing for a variety of applications
  • Fully machinable After Curing allows correction or modifications to be made 
  • Batch Number and Expiry Date listed on packaging for traceability and quality assurance


Usage Instructions

  1. Mix the resin and hardner components on a sheet till color is uniform. You should see a consistent grey color
  2. Apply onto metal surface underwater

For best results it is recommended to mix the entire container as the components are pre-measured

Mix by Volume 1 : 1
Mix by Weight 1.4 : 1

Comes in 500g packing with resin and hardener.

IMPA number: 812246

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