Tool Trolley Modules

HEYTEC (Germany)

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Tool Trolley Modules come in ready sets to be inserted with HEYTEC Trolleys. Keep your tools organized and account for parts in your inventory. Each module has a two component foam inlay. Modules can be purchased separately in order to customized configurations in each drawer of the trolley.


Tool Module Configurations 

These modules come in 3 sizes:

Small sized modules (can fit up to 3 modules in each drawer)

M 50829-9  Set of Combined Ratchet Wrenches Reversible 13 pcs 
M 50829-2  Set of Combined Ratchet Wrenches Reversible 13 pcs 
M 50829-3  Double Open Ended Jaw Wrench Set 10 pcs 
M 50829-4 Combination Wrench Set 17 pcs **
M 50829-5 Set of Pliers and Hammer 3 pcs 
M 50829-8 Screwdriver Set 6 pcs 
M 50829-9 Set of Combined Ratchet Wrenches 13 pcs 
M 50829-10 VDE-Screwdriver Set 6 pcs with 2 Components Plastic Handles 
M 50829-11 Set of 5 Tools for Wheel Changing 
M 50829-12 Socket Set 20 pcs 
M 50829-13 Set of Accessories 7 pcs 
M 50829-14 Socket Set 36 pcs
M 50829-15 Set of Pliers 3 pcs
M 50829-16 Double Ended Ring Wrench Set 8 pcs
M 50829-17 Set with Screwdriver Sockets 24 pcs
M 50829-19 VDE Set of Pliers 3 pcs

Full sized sets (fills one drawer ***)
M 50829-18 VDE Tool Set with 2 Components Foam Insert 12 pcs
M 50829-50 Combination Wrench Set 36 pcs
M 50829-51 Combined Socket Set 70 pcs
M 50829-52 Set with Screwdriver Sockets 48 pcs
M 50829-53 Socket Set 17 pcs
M 50829-54 Set of Pliers 10 pcs
M 50829-55 Combination Socket Set 35 pcs
M 50829-56 Combined Tool Set 16 pcs
M 50829-57 Vehicle Tool Set 17 pcs

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