Torque wrench with Reversible Ratchet

HEYTEC (Germany)

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Heytec Micrometer Torque Wrench with Reversible Ratchet is used to ensure precise tightening values are met and torque values of fasteners can be measured.

Torque wrenches are widely used from the smallest of electronic parts and largest of pipes and flanges. With the right force value according to manuals or operational instructions, torque wrenches prevent unnecessary remedial operations like nut splitting or loosened fasteners during operation. Our torque wrenches are focused on electronics, vehicles, pipes and general mechanical work.


  • Audible Clicking when torque is reached
  • Clearly Visible Newton Meter Scale for easy reference and reading
  • Reversible Ratchet with Quick Release Head allows wrench sockets to be used and switched easily
  • Easily Set Torque Value by pulling down and turning
  • Factory Calibration Certificate and ID Number for tool traceability
  • Nonskid Turning Handle to grip well when achieving desired torque
    Model Number Socket Size & Torque Range
    50879000080 1/4" Drive , 3-15Nm
    50880000080 1/4" Drive , 4-20Nm
    50882000080 3/8" Drive , 20-120Nm
    50885000080 1/2" Drive, 40-200Nm
    50886000080 3/4" Drive 100-600Nm


    Chrome-Vanadium with Reversible Ratchet
    Comes in Plastic Box

      Wrench Sockets with different attachments available on request.

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