Steel Epoxy Putty (Devcon A)


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DEVCON Steel Putty (A) is used to patch cracks on metal surfaces.

Conveniently used on steel, cast iron and aluminium. Repair engine housings, pipe elbows, pump casings, chutes and metal tanks without hassle. Save money and time by doing crack repair instead of replacing the entire part.

  • High metal content allows for more sturdy repairs
  • Handy box excellent for carrying onto the job site
  • Up to 1/4" thick without sagging which allows for vertical repair
  • Machinable after cured for a smooth finish


Usage Instructions

  1. Mix the resin and hardner components on a sheet till color is uniform. You should see a consistent grey color
  2. Apply onto metal surface and ensure that cracks are completely covered
  3. Allow mixture to harden overnight for best results

Mix by Volume 2.5 : 1
Mix by Weight 9 : 1


IMPA number: 812251

part number: 10110

DEVCON continues to be made in USA and has a batch number and expiry date.
Comes in 500g packing with resin and hardener.


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