Precision Spirit Level

Spirit Level

VOGEL (Germany)


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Top quality spirit levels with plane surfaces.
barrel-shaped vials with patented SOLID built-in system, permanent fixed.
High accuracy 0.5mm/m

"NIVEAU NORM" Accuracy Tested

Technical Information

Range: 300mm
Cross section: 50 mm x 22 mm
Magnet: no
Max. total accuracy vial: 0.5 mm/m = ±0.029°

  • Rugged light alloy rectangular profile, up 1500 mm length 
  • Solid wallthickness
  • With 1x horizontal vial and 1x vertical vial
  • Surfaces in stratosilver elocated
  • Measuring accuracy adjusted by electronical adjustment and at final inspection
  • Measuring accuracy in normal position 0.5 mm/m = 0.029°, with
  • Reversal measurement minimum 0.75 mm/m = 0.043°

plane, rectangular aluminium profile, extruded and warm cured