Reciprocating Saw Blades Carbide Teeth for Pruning Wood, 3 per pack

Milwaukee (USA)

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Milwaukee Sawzall blades with Carbide Teeth for Pruning Wood

are designed for the fastest above and below ground cutting applications. These SAWZALL® pruning blades offer up to 50X more life vs. carbon steel reciprocating saw blades available today. The MILWAUKEE® AX™ blades for pruning and clean wood cutting offer a 3 TPI design, which allows for the fastest cutting in clean wood, and a low profile blade geometry designed for root removals. Our optimized carbide teeth withstand abrasives like rock, sand, and dirt as users remove roots for trenches or stumps for tree removals. Milwaukee carbide teeth products allow you to cut longer, cut more, and cut faster than other carbide-teeth blades on the market.


  • Optimized carbide that withstands underground abrasives (rocks, sand, dirt)
  • 3 TPI design for fast cutting into clean wood
  • 1/2" universal tang
  • Large gullets to avoid debris buildup
  • Ability to cut through clean wood, tree branches, and roots
  • Low blade profile, designed for root removal
  • Carbide teeth for up to 50X Life

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