PACKOUT Racking Shelf

Milwaukee (USA)

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PACKOUT™ Racking Shelf provides versatile mounting options and attaches to E-Track allowing you to place the Racking Shelf in any location or to any surface E-Track can be mounted. The PACKOUT™ Racking Shelf provides a 50lbs weight capacity with a metal reinforced frame and impact resistant body. The PACKOUT™ Racking Shelf also has integrated tie-down points for secure attachment during transportation. The PACKOUT™ Modular Storage allows you to customize your storage system for easy transportation and organization of tools and accessories. The MILWAUKEE® PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System is the industry’s most versatile and durable storage system.


  • 22.67kg Weight Capacity per shelf
  • Versatile Mounting: E-track Compatible
  • Metal Reinforced Frame
  • Integrated Tie Down Points
  • Easily Moveable
  • DOES not include E-Track Sections


  • Length : 50.8cm
  • Width : 54cm
  • Height : 10cm
  • Weight : 3kg

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