Autosol Metal Polish

AUTOSOL (Germany)

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Autosol Metal Polish is used to clean and polish all metals.

Safely removes corrosion stains, remove oxidation and rust to give a brilliant reflective surface.  Enjoy the look of clean and bright looking metal surfaces with the world's most well known polish.

  • A brilliant shine everytime metal particles get finer and continue to work on the finest cracks
  • Safe to use around food no harmful chemicals are used
  • Environment safe microplastic free
  • Easy to apply simply get a cloth and start working

Autosol Metal Polish internationally recognized, winning 3 international gold awards and recommended by manufacturers and restoration experts. 


Polishing and derusting all metal surfaces, cleaning of metal moulds, prevention of impurities sticking to polished surfaces

Simply apply on surfaces and rub in a circular motion with a cloth for the brilliant reflective luster to be achieved. Leaves an invisible protective layer on stainless steel, brass, chrome and copper surfaces.


metal polish before and after polishing


Against other competitors, Autosol Metal Polish is safe for contact with food and does not contain harmful chemicals.

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