Metal Filler (Machineable)

DIAMANT (Germany)


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DIAMANT Hydrometal is a cast iron powder which becomes a paste like consistency when mixed with water. Upon curing after 2 hours, it is able to be machined lightly. Perfect for quick and easy repairs. The powder can be sealed and reused over and

Hydrometal is perfect for fixing blowholes or areas that are not exposed to higher pressures due to its easy dispensing and application.

  • Use the amount you need and store the rest as the remaining powder can be stored
  • Take the Powder You Require and mix with water (2:1 Mixing Ratio)
  • Very High Temperature Resistance up to 650°C
  • Can be Machined Lightly after Curing as it retains its metallic properties after curing

Comes in 5kg Packing (Powder)

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