Internal Micrometer Set

VOGEL (Germany)

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Resilient Mounted End Gauges for measuring internal diameters of rings and bores.

Ideal for diameters that may be difficult to reach using micrometers or vernier calipers due to depth of hole being too deep for the measuring jaws.

  1. Determine size of bore and add screw extensions
  2. Put Gauge into hole and tighten with ratcheting function
  3. Gently remove gauge and measure with vernier caliper or micrometer.

Highly accurate and carbide tipped with Screw on Extensions.

Made in Germany


 Item Code Measuring length Quantity of Anvils (with tube Ø 17 mm)
230880 50-150mm 25 mm / 50 mm
230885 50-1450mm 25 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 400 mm / 600 mm

Resolution: 0.01 mm
Max. total accuracy +-: 0.006 mm
Thread pitch: 0.5 mm

DIN 863 

resiliently mounted end gauges 
with screw-on extensions • up to 1450 mm measuring range available 
• drum and sleeve matt chrome finish 
• carbide equipped measuring heads, spherically lapped, R20 mm
• with insulation handle 
• individual packed extensions are available on request


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