Internal Micrometers

VOGEL (Germany)

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Vogel Internal Micrometers are used for precision measuring of internal lengths.

Especially important in precision engineering to ensure parts are within quality control standards and to check and create engineering drawing specifications. A setting gauge is included in the set and put with corrosion resistant paper to ensure maximum accuracy.

  • 0.01mm Resolution with low deviation in accuracy
  • Drum and sleeve with Matt Chrome Finish prevents corrosion
  • Carbide Measuring Faces in Rounded shape gives durability
  • Clamping screw for quick and precise fixing
  • Ratchet for constant measuring pressure
  • Comes with Setting Ring to ensure accuracy for smaller sizes
  • Wooden Box with Foam Inlay for precise measurements
  • Conforms to Industry Standards DIN 6482
Size Resolution / Deviation
231611 5-30mm 0.01mm  / 0.005mm / 5mm setting ring
231612 25-50mm 0.01mm / 0.006mm /25mm setting ring
231613 50-75mm 0.01mm / 0.007mm
231614 75-100mm 0.01mm / 0.008mm