Infrared + Contact Thermometer

VOGEL (Germany)

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Measure temperature from a distance. For machinery and automotive parts.Shiftable laser pointer. Quick temperature measurement. K-Type probe to be attached at front of thermometer for quick scanning with contact.

Within the strict requirements of the European national guidelines


Measuring range: -30 °C ~ +550 °C (640314)
Measuring range: -50 °C ~ +720 °C (640317)

Resolution: 0.1 °C
Max. total accuracy: ±4.0 / ±4% °C
Repeatability: ± 1.0 °C
Measuring optics: 12:1
Dimension: 170 mm x 135 mm x 50 mm
pistol-sized, with K-type temperature probe

*Note* This is not for human use as the accuracy is ±4.0 / ±4% °C 

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