Home Renovation Set

Milwaukee (USA)


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Home Renovation Set

Drill, screw, cut for all your Home DIY projects! The Home renovation set should cover all necessary work around the house including hacking, sawing, drilling and mounting items.

Set Includes

  • M12 FPD - Drilling Wood, Metals and Soft Concrete
  • M12 SAWZALL - Sawing Wood, Plastic and Soft Metal
  • M12 CH - Drilling Hard Concrete
  • M12 FID - Screwdriver
  • C12 - M12 Battery Charger
  • M12 B3 - 3Ah Battery
  • M12 B6 - 6Ah Battery
  • ONCA Screws Drill Bits Set - 56 Bits and Drills
  • Contractor Bag (FREE)