High Pressure Grease Gun

HEYTEC (Germany)

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Ideal for lubricating mechanical tools, machines and other areas.
Comes with a rubber tube for hard to reach areas.

Also has a standard nozzle for areas that do not need flexibility and length.
universally suitable for all common grease fittings.

Ergonomic handle allows for effective dispensing.
Cartridges - up to 400g, Bulk Grease - up to 500g


DIN 1283 Standard
Zinc die-casting head
Robust steel body with knurling for non-slip handling
For loading with cartridges, bulk grease or by filler pumps
High pressure rubber tube of 300 mm length, 12 mm Ø
4-jaw hydraulic connector
Connecting thread M 10x1

Length : 390mm - 690mm with tubing
Weight: 1.1kg