Headlight Polish and Protection Kit

AUTOSOL (Germany)

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Autosol Headlight Polish and Protection Kit comes with Headlight Polish, Headlight Care and lint-free cloth.

  • Headlight polish cleans, removes light scratches and leaving clean, shiny surface
  • Headlight Care gives a long lasting water repellent layer with a radiant shine


Instructions for use

  1. Clean headlights of dirt and allow to dry
  2. Apply Headlight Polish using a clean cloth to spread it across the surface
  3. Use lint free cloth to rub the headlight in circles of 10-15cm till bright
  4. Repeat spots till shine appears
  5. Spray with Headlight Care Spray for lasting protection



Complete kit to ensure a long lasting restoration and protection of headlights of all kinds.

Headlights of vehicles, rear lights, spotlights, outdoor lighting, etc.