Feeler Gauges

VOGEL (Germany)

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VOGEL Feeler Gauges are used to measure thickness and gaps.

They are good for inspecting slots in the engine, automotive, engineering and aerospace industry, to ensure that gaps are within the tolerance specifications. Feeler Gauges are inspected to ensure that their production conforms to the precision standards required.

  • Meets Strict Quality Standards for gap feeler gauges (T2 Tolerance Standard)
  • Sizes in mm/inch with different graduations

Different blade lengths and stainless steel feeler gauges are available on request.

Technical Information

Type: singly, in foil
Content: 8 blades , 21, 32 blades etc. Depending on your needs
Measuring range: 0.03 - 0.10 mm / .0012 - .004 inch
Composition: 0.03-0.04-0.05-0.06-0.07-0.08-0.09-0.10 mm
.0012-.0016-.002-.0024-.0028-.003-.0035-.004 inch

  • Hardened spring steel, conical shaped blades, 100 mm length
  • Nickel plated case with lock nut, sizes in mm and inch on each blade
  • Thickness tolerance in relation to the metric sizes

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