External Micrometer (mm/inch measurement)

VOGEL (Germany)

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Micrometer for external measurements of small parts with clear reading. Carbide surface which is lapped for lasting and accurate measurements. Locking leaver for quick fixing. Metric and Inch sizes models available.

Setting gauges included.

  • Carbide surfaces with hardened and ground spindles for greater durability
  • Constant measuring pressure with ratcheting function
  • Locking Lever for fixing of reading
  • Individual Inspection Certificate from factory QC

Measuring range: up to 200mm/ up to 4 inches

Metric Sizes available:

231351 0-25mm
231352 25-50mm
231353 50-75mm
231354 75-100mm
231355 100-125mm
231356 125-150mm
231357 150-175mm
231358 175-200mm


Inches Sizes available:

 231371 0-1 inch
231372 1-2 inch
231373 2-3 inch
231374 3-4 inch



Resolution: 0.01 mm
Max. total accuracy +-: 0.004 mm
Thread: Ø 18 mm
Thread pitch: 0.5 mm

  •   Drum and sleeve matt chrome finish
  •   Frame hammer blow grey lacquered, with insulation plates
  •   Carbide surfaces, lapped, spindle hardened and ground
  •   Locking lever for quick and precise fixing
  •   With ratchet for constant measuring pressure
  •   With setting gauges

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