Epoxy Repair Sticks, 115g

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Weicon (Germany)


Options: Steel
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How to use Weicon Repair Sticks

Cut the amount you need and knead the pieces together till the color of the product is even. You will feel some heat from the kneaded compound: indicating that the product has been mixed and is beginning to harden. Paste it onto parts that require repair and wait for it to harden.


Repair Stick - Steel

fast-curing | steel-filled | drinking water approval | up to 120 C

Suitable for the fast and high-strength repair and bonding of metal parts. Also machinable when it is hard. Suitable for use on drinking water pipes. Has a 5 minute cure time and is suitable for repairing metal parts, or to drill new holes in workpieces.

Repair Stick - Aqua

for underwater applications | ceramic-filled | up to 120 C

Ideal for quick repairs on damp and wet surfaces and for underwater applications. For the repair and sealing of cracks, holes and leaks in petrol and water tanks, radiators, electrical switchboards, sanitary installations and swimming pools. 10 minute cure time and is suitable for leaking pipes and other wet applications.


Repair Stick - Titanium

Wear-resistant | titanium-filled | high-temperature-resistant up to +230 °C (briefly up to +260 °C)

High temperature repair is possible with this repair stick. It can withstand high temperatures when cured and is excellent for repairing housing of engines and other parts that may be exposed to high heat.


Options: Steel