Steel Epoxy Liquid (Devcon B)


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DEVCON Epoxy Steel Liquid (B) is a metal filled epoxy with a liquid consistency.

Devcon B makes a great addition to the machine shop. This can be used on deeper cracks and breaks in metal, where an epoxy putty would not be able to penetrate. Also able to make duplicate parts for small molding applications. Able to withstand high pressure.

Qualifies under MMM-A-1754
Accepted for use in U.S. meat and poultry plants

  • Penetrates small cracks easily to save time when making coatings or doing a gap filling job
  • Machinable and painting after curing able to be machined effectively
  • Strong chemical resistance - hydrochloric acid (10%) and sulphuric acid (10%)
  • Machinable after 16 hours

Holding fixtures for intricate parts; filling and leveling equipment; repairing hard-to-reach areas where a flowable epoxy is needed; duplicating or tracing masters; short run dies and molds.

Usage Instructions

  1. Mix the resin and hardener components on a sheet till color is uniform.
  2. (for duplication of parts) Brush a thin coat of epoxy onto the substrate to be duplicated, then pour Plastic Steel® Liquid (B). Plastic Steel® Liquid (B) cures in 16 hours, at which time it can be machined

Mix by Volume 3 : 1
Mix by Weight 9 : 1

IMPA number: 812257

Comes in 500g packing with resin and hardener.

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