Electrical Digital Protractor with Blades

VOGEL (Germany)

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VOGEL Digital Protractor will be used for checking and transferring angles from workpieces especially on metal parts/CNC Machines.

With embedded magnetic strips to stick against workpieces, it is widely used to mesure parts placed on cutting machines and other precision equipment. It can also be used for woodworking and other quality control applications.


    • Large LCD display with clear reading, digit height 10 mm
    • Embedded Magnets with Grooved Anodized Aluminium Profile makes angle measurement easy and prevent blades from rust due to chemicals and oils
    • Data Hold Function with Fixing Screw to record measurements
    • 180° rotating Display for upside down measurements by pressing function button
    • Zero setting at any position to make reference angle measurements


    • Range: 0-360 degree 
    • Resolution: 0.05 degree
    • Repeatability: 0.3 degree 
    • Length of Blades: 200x200mm
    • Dimensions: 205x45x30mm