Digital Workshop Caliper 1000mm

VOGEL (Germany)

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Vogel Digital Workshop Calipers have high accuracy for larger measuring ranges from 500mm till 1000mm. Water and coolant proof housing protects the electronics to give accurate readings. With fine adjustment knob for precise final measurements.

Suitable for all types of measuring including external and internal length measurements with PRESET/ORIGIN/ABSOLUTE/INC-system. Comes with inspection certificate from Germany for traceability.

Length available 500mm and 1000mm.

Sizes up to 3000mm also available on request.
For custom sizes please contact us directly.

Technical Information

Measuring range: 1000 mm / 40 inch
Resolution: 0.01 mm / 0.0005 inch
Repeatability +-: 0.01 mm
Max. total accuracy +-: 0.06 mm
Caliper jaw length: 150 mm
Caliper jaws (knife shape): 63 mm
Measuring internal dimension: Ø 20 mm

•  large LCD display with clear reading, 11 mm digit height
•  mechanic parts, stainless steel, hardened
•  measuring jaws finely ground and lapped
•  offset jaws for inside measurements
•  On/Off button, mm/inch switchable zero-setting at any position
•  zero-setting at any position, DATA HOLD function
•  with fine adjustment, with or without knife points
•  CR2032 Batteries

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