Digital Universal Bevel Protractor Set

VOGEL (Germany)

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Vogel Electrical Digital Universal Bevel Protractor Set is ideal for making accurate and precise angle measurements. It also displays how many divisions the reading is accurate for with the length of accuracy.

This device can be used to measure object angles and flat planes without having to refer to the vernier scale.


    • Rugged ABS-plastic housing gives durability to readings
    • Fine Adjustment for Precise Readings when reaching angle desired
    • Fixing Device with 3 different blades to give flexibility and versatility
    • Large LCD Display with clear reading
    • Two Display Lines, resolution in 1. line with 0.005° and in 2. line with min. 10“
    • preset to 360° / 180° / 90° to eliminate post calculation
    • Two Selectable Measuring Directions clockwise and anti-clockwise
    • On/Off button, mode-button, set-button, zero setting at any position


    • Range: 0 - 200mm 
    • Resolution: 0.005 degree
    • stainless steel, hardened and fine ground
    • Length of Blade: 150 & 200 & 300mm
    • with data output
    • 90° square and angle stop
    • automatic switch off after approx. 5 min
    • operation temperature0°C~+40°C, storage temperature-10°C~+60°C
    • include 1x3V battery (type CR2032, art.-no.:90112),with operation manual