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Digital Parcel Platform Scale, 300 kg

VOGEL (Germany)

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Vogel Digital Platform Scales are good for weighing of parcels and heavy objects
Weighing plate made from stainless steel
Mains or battery operation possible (6 x AA battery)

Measuring Range max.: 300 kg
Reading: 100 g



Technical Information

Weighing plate: 310 mm x 305 mm x 65 mm
Dimension LCD unit: 210 mm x 110 mm x 45 mm
Reproducibility: 100 g
Linearity: +- 200 g

  •  Rugged metal housing, with wall mounting for electr. unit
  •  Large LCD display
  •  Weighing units in kg or lb
  •  Display unit placed anywhere by flexible spiral cable (approx. 1.8 m)
  •  Easy 4-button operation, self-explaining
  •  Automatic power-Off after 3 min
  •  With animal weighing program
  •  Weigh-in function, by pressing TARE-button switches over to “0”
  •  Adjusting programme (CAL) means for adjusting the precision test weights,
  •   Incl. charger 230 V/AC, with operation manual

      stand, art.-no. 27 3558 (except unit and scale)