Digital Dial Indicator (0-25mm/0-1", 0.01mm/0.001mm)

VOGEL (Germany)

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Vogel Digital Indicator is a plunger dial gauge used for accurate measurements for checking surface flatness and depth tolerances. The electronic dial gauge is usually used together with a magnetic stand or measuring bridge.

  • Large Digital Display allows for easy reading
  • Tolerance setting gives clear boundaries for tolerance testing limits.
  • Clip back for easy attachment to measuring stands
  • Up to 0.001mm Resolution provides very precise inspection to be conducted
  • Exchangeable probe tips provide flexibility
  • USB output for recording of multiple values
  • Factory Inspection Certificate for quality control and traceability


Measuring range: 0 - 25.4 mm / 0 - 1.0 inch
Resolution: 0.01 mm / 0.0005 inch OR 0.001mm / 0.00005 inch
Repeatability +-: 0.01 mm
Max. total accuracy +-: 0.015 mm
Measuring force: < 1.50 N
with USB data output

  • Aluminium housing with sturdy plastic cover
  • Large LCD display with clear reading, digit height 10 mm
  • Stem and spindle stainless, hardened and lapped
  • Exchangeable probe tips, M 2.5
  • On/Off button, ABS and Preset function
  • Zero setting at any position, mm/inch switchable
  • Min./max., tol. and set function (selection and indication of tolerance limits)
  • With a flat cover and cover with lug

A: 120 mm
B: 60 mm

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