Dichtol Capillary Sealer

DIAMANT (Germany)

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Dichtol is used to seal porous materials such as metals, ceramics, plastics permenantly. It is used on castings, metals and rapid prototyping components. It is able to penetrate and seal hairline cracks.

Suitable for dipping, brushing, injecting or spraying, the use of dichtol allows the maximum tightness of porous substances. The application is completely uncomplicated without vacuum or pressure at room temperature.


  • Easy to Apply by dipping, brushing or by spraying
  • Economical and Quick Repairs without complicated mixing ratios
  • Mechanically Workable after a short time around 2 hour
  • High Pressure Resistance up to 300 bars
  • High Temperature Resistance up to 300°C and temporarily up to 450°C
  • Chemically Resistant to a wide range of industrially popular products
  • MIL Specified (US Military Specified) Product Code
  • Drinking Water Approvals for use with potable water and use in food areas
  • TUV Certified for Quality

Application Areas

  • Rapid Prototyping like 3D Printing and mould making
  • Thermal Spraying Sealing using HVOF, APS, VPS,ARC, Flame
  • Foundry work for fixing microporosities and hairline cracks


WFT FL #1532 WFT Macro #1546
Porosity Size
0-0.1mm 0.1mm-0.5mm
Shelf Life 5 years 5 years
Usage Consumption per 1m2 ~100ml ~170ml
Dust Dry 6 mins 6 mins
Machinable 90 mins 90 mins
Chemically Resistant 36h 36h
Permenant Temperature Resistance -40 - 300°C -40 - 300°C
Temporary Temperature Resistance -40 - 450°C -40 - 450°C
Pressure Resistance 300 bar 300 bar
Surface Layer Thickness 3μm 10μm


Curing times may be fast at higher temperatures

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