chisel and punch set heytec

Punch and Chisel Set, 6pc

HEYTEC (Germany)

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Heytec Punch and Chisel set lets you do all common dressing and shaping work. It can be used on solid material like wood, stone, or metal.

Punches are commonly used to create precise small holes in materials for threading and indentation.

  • Hardened punch and chisel tips add durabiity finish
  • 3 Punches for indenting and creating fine perforations
  • 3 Chisels for shaping and dressing work
  • Hinged metal box allows for tools to be placed upright for convenient selection of tools



Ø 3 x 120 mm (Flat)       x1
Ø 5 x 150 mm                x1
Ø 3 x 120 mm (pointed) x1
5 x 130 mm                    x1
12 x 130 mm                  x1
14 x 150 mm                  x1

In hinged metal box

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