Chemical Resistant Coatings ( Diamant Repacoat CH)

DIAMANT (Germany)

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DIAMANT Repacoat CH is a chemical Resistant cold-curing epoxy formulation is achieved by the use of special resins and hardeners as well as additives and inert fillers. RepaCoat CH is particularly suitable for protection against mixtures of aggressive organic and inorganic media.

It is widely used in tanks, tubes, pipes and pumps in heavy industries such as chemical, shipping and oil and gas. Refineries and exhaust systems also use Repacoat for their preventive and proactive maintenance work.

  • Highly Resistant to Acids, Lyes and Coolants even at high concentrations
  • Significant and Demonstrable Increase to Service Life of pipes, pumps and tanks
  • Provides Corrosion Protection on all metal surfaces
  • Extremely wear resistant and Durable with cross-linking formulation
  • Temperature Resistant up to 170 °C
  • Versatile Application Thickness from 60 µm to 100 mm
  • Available in Liquid or Pasty form for flexibility in application

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