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Car Degreaser

AUTOSOL (Germany)

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Discover the ultimate solution for your car cleaning needs with our top-rated car degreaser! This powerful, easy-to-use formula quickly and effectively removes stubborn grease, oil and grime, leaving your vehicle looking sleek and shiny. Perfect for spot cleaning or full detailing, our degreaser is safe for all surfaces and environmentally friendly. Don't settle for a dirty ride, upgrade to our car degreaser for enhanced performance and a showroom shine.

Has a concentrated special agent with excellent cleaning power for heavy oil, grease and dust contamination.

  • Fast acting formulation separates oil quickly
  • Removes heavy oil, grease and dust contamination that may cause contamination in operation
  • Works on dirt longer gently lifts tough dirt out with a soaking effect
  • Used as a surface preparation agent before applying wraps or decals

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