Bore Gauge + Dial Indicator Set (Carbide Tip)

VOGEL (Germany)

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Vogel Dial Bore Gauges are used for quick and easy measuring and inspection of bores, cylinders and bore holes

These bore gauges are usually used before or after servicing operations to inspect tolerance and offsets of pipes and cylinders. If a cylinder has bloated or contracted, the dial gauge can show this offset up to an accuracy of 0.01mm. 

  • Digital and Analog Conversion Comes with analog dial indicator but can be changed to digital as long as the throat diameter is 8mm
  • Carbide Tips last longer for more rigorous use
  • Fine spring allows for accurate measurement
  • Sturdy case prevents unintentional damage of parts
  • High accuracy display depends on dial indicator used


Model Size
237000 4-6mm
237001 6-10mm
237002 10-18mm
237003 18-35mm
237004 35-50mm
237005 50-160mm
237006 160-250mm
237007 250-450mm


bore gauge

How to use Bore Gauge

Step #1: Zero the dial indicator according to the reference point of the bore
Step #2: Insert bore gauge through the inner walls of the pipe
Step #3: Wiggle the gauge to find points that are out of tolerances and make corrections accordingly


Technical Information

Resolution: 0.01 mm
Setting gauge: depending on size
Draw length: 35mm - 410mm (depending on size)

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