Bore Gauges with Dial Indicator

VOGEL (Germany)

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For quick and easy measuring and inspection of bores, bore holes and blind holes. Comes in a sturdy box. Price includes a Dial Indicator.

Able to be used with other dial indicators of accuracy up to 0.001mm.

How to use Bore Gauge

Step #1: Zero the dial indicator according to the size
Step #2: Insert bore gauge into the hole and slide
Step #3: Dial indicator will indicate tolerance and size differences.



Model Size
237000 4-6mm
237001 6-10mm
237002 10-18mm
237003 18-35mm
237004 35-50mm
237005 50-160mm
237006 160-250mm
237007 250-450mm



Technical Information

Resolution: 0.01 mm
Setting gauge: depending on size
Draw length: 35mm - 410mm (depending on size)

• matt chrome finish pipe, with insulated plates 
• carbide-tipped contact points for durability 
• with operation manual 

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