Self Disinfecting Anti Microbial Coating



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Sani Coat Self-Disinfecting Coating Anti Microbial Spray
90 Days Protection​

High-performance self-disinfecting coating with an antimicrobial active agent that destroys micro organisms on contact, reducing their ability to infect.

Sani Coat enables treated surfaces to become self disinfecting for 90 days by bonding to most surfaces semi-permanently on a molecular level.

Made with a US-EPA approved antimicrobial active ingredient that is eco-friendly and safe to use at home.

Instructions for use

Step #1: Prep the surface by wiping it clean before treatment.
Step #2: Shake the bottle gently for 30 seconds and spray a thin layer on the cleaned surface.
Step #3: Spread the solution evenly with a non-absorbent cloth, leave to dry for 10 - 30 minutes.


Large surfaces that are commonly touched like lift buttons, and tabletops.
Small surfaces like laptops, handphones and personal belongings.


500ml Spray Bottle
5L Canister (Comes with 1 free spray bottle)